Irish Grand National Betting Guide

The 2014 Irish Grand National is scheduled for the 21st of April at Fairyhouse Racecourse. The race is the last big handicap of the 2013-14 jumps season, and will feature a number of familiar faces from this season’s other major handicaps.

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Irish Grand National Tips

Many different factors come together when a racehorse wins a race. Good odds may be tempting, but it is also a good idea to keep a few other factors in mind when placing bets.

Form Betting: With the variation in distances and courses in different races, horses may perform brilliantly in one distance and course and poorly in another. Any horse can have a bad day - recent form isn't always a reliable indication of real potential.

Punters look out for horses who underperform in races prior to the one on which they intend to bet. A horse with a string of bad results on courses to which it isn't suited may receive a low handicap in a race that suits all its strengths. This horse then has an advantage over the supposed form horses and is described as carrying 'favourable weight'.

Minimum Weight: The minimum handicap for any horse is 10 stone. Although the handicappers' calculations may place a struggling horse below a 10-stone handicap, the horse will never be weighted beneath this level. This means that out-of-form horses are literally doubly handicapped, allowing punters to eliminate some horses in the field from their lists of possible winners.

History on Track: When focusing on Irish Grand National betting, look out for horses who have a history of winning on the Fairyhouse Racecourse. Previous Irish Grand National winners are especially likely to be favourites.